The Christmas Bunny

Production Notes

Where The Story Came From

The idea for The Christmas Bunny was born when producer Tom Seidman began looking for a new project for his company, Honey Creek Pictures, in the fall of 2008. At that time, posters for the movie Marley & Me, about a rambunctious Labrador Retriever, were everywhere and Seidman remembers thinking, “That is probably the cutest puppy I have ever seen. I would watch that film just because that puppy is so darn cute.”

This started him thinking, he says. “What’s even cuter than a puppy? What about a bunny?” This in turn suggested that the most appropriate “genre” for the new project might be a family film. “And what kind of films do families watch, year after year? Christmas films!” And so, cute bunny & Christmas= The Christmas Bunny.

As a writer, Seidman knew that the best scripts are based on real life, so he began researching rabbits and rabbit care. He soon discovered that thousands of pet rabbits are abandoned every year by children and their families. So he decided that the story should revolve around a lost pet rabbit and the little girl who finds and takes care of it. More research revealed dozens of rabbit rescue organizations across the country, and since Seidman was looking for a strong role for an older female actress, he created the role of “The Bunny Lady”, an eccentric farmwoman who runs such a rescue on her own Michigan farm.

Seidman’s wife, Linda, then suggested that the little girl in the story might be a foster child, which would make her somewhat “lost” herself. When Tom Seidman began researching this idea, he came across dozens of stories of real-life foster children. He came to admire their resilience and courage, and the often tenacious dedication of the foster families who take them in. And when he was looking into childhood “bunny” stories, he came across Margery Williams’ The Velveteen Rabbit, about a toy stuffed rabbit who longs to become real.

Soon, all of these elements combined to create... The Christmas Bunny.