The Christmas Bunny

Production Notes

shooting from ladder

When It Was Shot

The Christmas Bunny began production on December 26, 2009 with two days of “second-unit” photography of exterior Christmas decorations and scenery shot by Seidman and Second Unit Director of Photography Mark Azkoul (all of the opening title shots were filmed at this time).

Principal photography involving the actors began on February 11, 2010, with the first scenes filmed being those of Julia’s arrival at the Coopers. Shooting continued for 18 days and concluded on March 2, with the scenes of Scott cross-county skiing in the woods and of Julia being lost with Rumple. All of Ms. Henderson’s scenes were shot in four days during the last week of photography.

Old Oak

There were two large snowstorms that hit Western Michigan during the filming, so all the snow that is seen falling in the film is real! Despite that, the production finished shooting on time and on budget.