The Christmas Bunny

Production Notes


Where It Was Shot

The Christmas Bunny was shot entirely in Western Michigan, where Tom Seidman himself grew up. The “Cooper” home in the film belongs to Todd Johnson, an old childhood friend of Seidman’s. The character of “Patti” was based in part on Todd’s wife Patti Johnson, an accomplished folk artist. In fact, all of the paintings and special furniture at the “Cooper” home were painted by Patti Johnson herself.

There were many other personal connections in the film. Honey Creek Pictures was named after a creek that runs through northeastern Kent County, on land that was actually owned by Seidman's family when he was a child. After a number of other locations fell out at the last minute, many of the woods scenes ended up being shot at or near that very creek (it can be seen when Scott Cooper is cross-country skiing in the opening of the film, and later when Julia is wandering alone in the woods).

While the exterior of the Bunny Lady’s farm were shot at an old farm near Alto, Michigan, the interiors of the “Bunny Barn” were filmed at The Critter Barn of Zeeland, an animal educational center which also supplied all of the rabbits for the shooting. This includes Rupert, who played “Rumple”, Julia’s rabbit. As of this writing, Rupert's son and daughter and a number of nieces and nephews are still in residence at The Critter Barn. The Critter Barn is open to the public, so if you’re in the area, stop by and give them a pat for us!