The Christmas Bunny

The Responsibilities of Rabbit Owners

Pet BunnyAfter dogs and cats, rabbits are one of the most popular house pets in the world. These loving and inquisitive animals can make wonderful companions. However, as with any pet, owning a pet rabbit is a serious responsibility. Every year, thousands of pet rabbits die, are abandoned or are turned in at shelters because their owners were not aware of their rabbit’s needs or were not willing to take the time to care for their pet.

Before you make a decision to bring a pet rabbit into your home (or to buy one for your child), please read the sections at left to learn about rabbit care, feeding and handling. And if you do decide to give a bunny a home, please don’t buy one in a pet store. Your local rabbit rescue organization has many bunnies that are looking for loving owners. Many of these groups can be found under the section “Bunny Organizations”.

We would like give a big Christmas Bunny Thank You to Connie Andrews from Hopper Home and Mary Cotter and the House Rabbit Society for their contributions to our Bunny Care Pages. For more detailed bunny care and bunny adoption information please visit their websites.