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Litter Box Tips

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What Type of Litter Box Should I Use?

Cat litter boxes work just fine. There are several sizes to choose from depending on how big your rabbit is and how many bunnies need to use the box.

Use a litter box, even if the rabbit is in a cage. The cage should be large enough to hold the litter box and have room for the bunny to move around. The wire floors in cages are terrible for sensitive rabbit feet causing a condition called "sore hocks." Save yourself and the bunny problems and use a litter box. It is the first step in litter box training them by starting in their cage or condo.

What Should I use in My Litter Box?

The first layer of your litter box should be newspaper, this will make clean-up a lot easier for you. Second, put some Timothy Hay on top of the newspaper. The rabbits love to graze on hay, they need it for their digestion every single day. Typically, your rabbits only use one end of the box for the bathroom and the other end for grazing. It works very well. Also, you can get a hay dispenser and hang it over the litter box to make their area cleaner. Sometimes I put in a handful of oat hay or straw hay in the box for variety. (Yes, they are spoiled rabbits.)

Cleaning Your Litter Box

Change the box every other day so it doesn't have a chance to smell. Rinse the litter boxes with white vinegar to control odor if needed after you clean it. The newspaper on the bottom makes hay removal from the box less messy since the layer of paper even if it is soaked comes right out leaving no hay in the box to rinse out or go down your drain. Be sure and change it out every other day to keep down odor. I change it every day in the summer.

Litter Training Your Rabbit

Older rabbits are easier to train than young ones, and spaying/neutering is an important factor in the training. For more detailed information on how to go about litter training you bunny, visit the House Rabbit Society page on Litter Training.